You’re probably used to shopping online at this point, but have you been doing it effectively?

Nearly 70% of the entire US population has started buying products online. Be it clothing, appliances, electronics, jewelry, etc. — online shopping is now a weekly, if not daily, activity for millions of people across the globe.

But do you ever wonder if you’re spending more on online shopping than you should? Chances are, you haven’t been shopping as effectively as you could. It could be because you haven’t taken the following few things into consideration.

1. Stick To Your Budget

Before you open up your favorite online shops, you probably think to yourself, “I have a fixed budget that I won’t go over.” But you likely end up going way overboard anyway, right? Well, the best way to avoid this is by actually creating a calculated budget. Plan your budget out on paper and assign limits for how much you’ll spend on each item or store. Keeping the physical budget with you while you shop will help keep you from overspending.

2. Research The Shops

Unfortunately, online buyers lose millions to scams every year. Customers who don’t take the time to do research about the shop they’re buying from often end up getting scammed for their money. Keep yourself safe by reading customer reviews about a shop and checking its track record. You should also read the shop’s return/refund and shipping policies to make smart spending decisions.

3. Know Your Measurements

The big problem with online shopping, especially for clothes, is that you can’t physically measure anything. That’s why it’s important to know your own exact measurements and compare them with the size charts offered by most online retail shops. Keep in mind that online stores do not all follow the same size chart, so the sizes may vary shop-to-shop. You can measure your body sizes at home by using a simple measuring tape or get yourself professionally measured by a tailor.

4. Make Safe Transactions

It’s very easy for online retailers to scam you if you don’t do your due diligence. Remember that online shopping scams are the second-most common fraud cases in the US. You can protect yourself against them by only buying from trusted shops with many great reviews, and using safe payment methods like credit cards. Don’t buy from online shops that promise great offers but don’t have any positive customer reviews to back up their claims.

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