Handbags are much more than a vessel carrying your daily essentials. The right handbag completes your overall look, making a bold style statement. It’s safe to say that a girl can’t have enough bags.

We all have at least a couple of different handbags in our wardrobes, and like different outfits and accessories, they all serve a distinct purpose. Each bag depicts a different style.

Here’s a checklist guide for you to go through and buy fashion accessories online:


A backpack has relatively more space to carry all your essentials than your usual handbag. It comes with double straps so you can support it on both your shoulders, keeping your hands free.

Backpacks are great for handling heavy things, so you don’t have to carry them around in your hands.

Backpacks aren’t only for students or hikers; they’re great for styling up a dull outfit. It’s good to have a black one as it goes with almost all outfits.

Classic Black Shoulder Bag

Every girl should have a classic black shoulder bag suitable for all occasions. It is stylish, spacious, and functional. Almost all your favorite brands have a shoulder bag variant, making it a lot more irresistible.

Your classic black shoulder bag would be your best friend on days you’re unsure which bag to choose.

Tote Bag

Tote bags have a very cozy and comfortable appeal to them. They’re spacious and usually large. It’s perfect for a shopping haul or grocery shopping.

In a single but large compartment, you can throw in as many items as you want. Every girl should own a tote bag. It is perfect for both the workplace and casual grocery shopping dates with your significant other.

We’d recommend opting for a colorful tote bag or a leather-textured one, so it doesn’t look too overwhelming.

Bucket Bag

You can find many variants of a bucket bag that many designers have played around with. It isn’t a classic wardrobe accessory, but a bucket bag has its own charm.

It can be chic and sophisticated or casual, depending on the occasion. You can detach the shoulder strap and carry it with the wristlet or short handle.

Duffle Bag

Duffle bags are perfect for a picnic or other last-minute weekend getaways. Duffle bags are chic and functional. It has enough space to carry all your essentials for a two-day weekend trip.

Drawstring Bag

Drawstrings are perfect for accommodating your most essential items like your cellphone or makeup accessories. They’re affordable, easy to carry, and lightweight. Drawstring bags can also be waterproof, thus keeping your things protected.

 A colorful feather duffle bag

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