There were two ends of the fashion spectrum in 2021: people who didn’t bother investing in clothes since they had nowhere to go, and people who started fashion trends since all they could do at home was get creative.

Fashion is always something women have a full journey with. You might start off thinking you could never pull off the latest fashion trends, but there’s always a way to resolve that concern. If you’re getting back into styling up now that a new year is approaching, the following styling tips might help you stand out in the best way possible.

1. Stay True To Yourself

It’s easy to get drift away from your unique fashion identity when all the fashion advice you hear says, “Follow the trends!”

Although following fashion trends can help you feel in tune with fashionistas you admire, it’s also important to find your own style. You shouldn’t compromise on your own stylistic choices and comfort for the sake of fitting in. Only wear those high heels and tightly-fitted corsets if you want to, and not because everybody else is doing it!

2. Find An Inspiration

Remember, staying true to yourself doesn’t mean you can’t be inspired by somebody else’s style. Fashion is a difficult market to navigate due to the sheer range of options you have — that’s why having an inspiration can help you stick to a certain framework of style. Find a celebrity or personal figure whose fashion sense appeals to you, and use them as a reference next time you go shopping.

3. Combine Comfort With Fashion

The biggest mistake women make when it comes to clothing is prioritizing fashion/style over comfort. The pandemic is what taught many women to ditch the uncomfortable items of clothing that they’ve been forcing themselves to wear. In the new year of 2022, comfortable fashion will likely take over. So, look for women egyptian clothing that is both fashionable and comfortable. Online shops like Atum Clothing are the best place to find them!

4. Try Different Clothing Styles

How many clothes do you only wear one way? There’s an art to repurposing your older clothes and styling your newer clothes in different ways. You can watch online tutorials about different ways to style oversized tees, dresses, outerwear, and even fashion accessories. Don’t be afraid to try different styles because fashion is all about experimentation!

Woman posing in the Divine Osiris long sleeve tee by Atum Clothing

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