The pandemic and the lockdown for the past two years meant one thing: pajamas and sweatpants all day!
But as comfy as they were, we are now sick of them! That is why, when it comes to fashionable top trends, we are not holding back this year.
We’re emptying the closest and heading online to find the most functional, chic, and fashion tops for women.
And you’d be surprised to see what made our list!

1. Tees are in! Make a statement with your tee!

This year, we’re all about expressing our ideas. What do you believe in? What change do you want to see? Your clothes represent you, and with printed tees, you can make a statement in style.

Do you believe in justice? Are you fighting for your rights? Are you into Greek mythology?

Then express it with Astraea Women’s Short-Sleeve T-Shirt. Astraea was the goddess of justice and will help you represent what she, too, stood for: fairness, balance, and integrity.

The myth of Astraea tells the story of how she left earth after the age of gold because people were so good and just that she couldn’t bear to watch them suffer.

Express yourself and take a stand with our printed tees. They are soft and lightweight with the right amount of stretch. Plus, they are also comfortable and flattering for both men and women making them on top of our list of fashionable tops.

 2. Polos 

Let’s be honest. Tucked-in polos look super smart, especially in the summer! That’s why they make the list of our most fashionable tops for women in 2022. Our favorite is the embroidered logo Hathor polo, which is smart and comfortable.

How can you make your polo look cute?

For a super chic polo look, tuck in the polo shirt into a nice pair of white pants and slip on a pair of heels. It is cute and minimalistic.

Or, if you are just popping out for an errand run, pair it with your favorite skinny jeans and comfy sneakers and shades and look casual and smart as you get work done.

sketches-of-tank tops and shirts

3. Tank tops- not so basic anymore!

This year we are in love with tank tops. Not only are they simple, cute, and comfy, but they are also so fun to layer and play around with.

Tank tops are wearable, exciting, and classy. They help you stay cool and causal during any outdoor adventures – and you can throw on a leather jacket without the sleeves riding up if the weather gets a bit chilly.

Wear them with shorts, a pair of skinny jeans, or even leather pants, and they will look great!

The best part, the whole look is so well put together.

Here’s one of our favorite:

Pair our witchery tank top with black leather pants. Add some bling or your favorite black boots, and you are ready for a night out with the girls. The floral print on this one gives the smooth cotton fabric a feminine flair, ensuring all eyes will be on you when you wear it out.

Ready to shop for your favorite fashion tops for women for 2022? Find them all on Atum Clothing.

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