Atum Clothing is an Egyptian-focused clothing brand with the purpose to shed light on ancient culture. Our products include shirts, hats, hoodies, jackets, water bottles, towels, etc. Atum Clothing delivers excellent customer service because it means admirable or attractive. We have an expansive selection of clothes and accessories that will ensure our customers are well dressed in cultural styles.

Unique & innovative

All clothes are unique and innovative. Atum Clothing will provide services in e-commerce sales and promotions. Our team is trained and experienced in the fashion industry. Any time you need help, our experts are available to you for daily assistance. The clothes are made with the Egyptian style, having customized branding. These features will help you develop your own personal style while also enhancing our store’s reputation as a truly unique clothing shop.


We offer men and women real-time shopping opportunities. Our goal is to create a comfortable, approachable environment for our shoppers. Our clothing is of the highest quality and includes pieces by well-known manufacturers and designers. We showcase various styles, including shirts, hats, hoodies jackets, water bottles, towels, etc. Additionally, we are here to help you find what clothing looks best on you according to your personality. We generate buzz and sales through exclusive services.

Keys to Succes

To be successful, you need to have strong branding and marketing efforts. You can’t sell anything if no one knows about it. Quality products, good relationships with consignors, clients, and vendors, and excellent customer service are all important too. This is not just true for the store, but for the online store as well. Finally, you need designs that are modern and trendy with an Egyptian flair.

It's the beginning of September; which means it's time to grab yourself a bargain before the end of the month. $15 and under on all fall goods 🍂🎃👻
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