For the longest time, it was all your dad cared about on every fishing trip or beach day—his embarrassing bucket hat.

The one he would plop on his face when he lay down to take a nap.

But, a decade later, these little things have a made a comeback and are cooler than ever. Even celebrities and runway models are sporting them these days!

Bucket hats were once the staple hats worn by fishermen and ‘uncool old beachgoers,’ but now Vogue is talking about them. They have become a stylish girl’s classic must-have item, with Mare Claire claiming they are here to stay.

So better invest in one and buy a new one for your dad too! In fact, one each for the whole fam!

Here’s how they became cool.

How Bucket Hats Became Cool

It all started one sunny day in New York. Rihanna stepped out of her hotel wearing Prada’s nylon bucket hat in a stylish seafoam green color with a patterned shirt and jeans.

She made it appear stylish, it being the hat.

That same year in September, Brad Pitt wore a slick all-white ensemble at the US Open with a …. yes, a bucket hat.

And a white bucket hat like this one by Atum Clothing.

He looked like the legend that he is!

And that same fall, Fashion Week saw many VIPs and celebrities wearing one too!

The bucket hats were finally getting the attention and praise they deserve!

Why We Love Bucket Hats

It is not just because the celebrities are wearing them! Bucket hats are playful, fun, and can look so stylish! Plus, they protect you from sun damage, so that is another win.

With its flat top and broad, unstructured brim, this sun hat variant is a fun look that you can’t take too seriously.

Not sure how to pull off the style?

Do you want to be stylish and chic like Lauren Hutton and less like a character on Gilligan’s Island?

Then pair your bucket hat with a sundress or a cute jumpsuit.

Pick a basic black one from Atum Clothing and pair it with a sleek suit like British Vogue’s Edward Enninful, who wore a black bucket hat to many shows this year.

 man wearing a white bucket hat

Style Your Bucket Hats

Want a little funk?

Pick prints and funky t-shirts and hoodies inspired by cultures and traditions from us at Atum clothing.

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One of our favorite picks is this ancient egyptian style clothing by Atum Clothing,  Anubis long-sleeve t-shirt.

Pair it with a black bucket hat, and you’d look chic and casual like you’ve just walked off the runway!

We also have other ancient egyptian style clothing and accessories like beach towels and bottles to match and make an outfit that reflects your style. Get 20% off your first purchase here.

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